Our goal is to help you feel welcome and special every time you call or come to our office

We Treat our Patients with Special Care...


The philosophy of our office is to provide optimum dental health for our patients, in a caring and loving way :

Physically... To make your dental care physically comfortable we try to make your visit as calming as possible. We try to keep the atmosphere in our office as relaxing as we can. We also offer nitrous oxide analgesia. We offer caring dentistry for adults and children.

Emotionally... We know that your smile affects all areas of your life. Your smile affects your self-confidence and greatly affects your appearance. Therefore, we do our best to listen to your particular needs and strive to meet those needs. We can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. Ask about our Cosmetic Dentistry.

Financially... To make your dental care financially comfortable, our office offers a variety of payment options. Cash, Personal Check, VISA / MasterCard, Care Credit available for long-term or regular monthly payments with no interest options .

If you have a dental problem or emergency we will endeavor to get you in the day you call for evaluation. If you require multiple appointments for treatment we try not to make you wait more than a couple weeks between appointments or whatever is comfortable with your schedule.